teardrops and lollipops

by tristen

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teardrops and lollipops is a collection of songs i wrote and recorded in my apartment in nashville, tn.


released August 1, 2008

all songs written, performed, and arranged by tristen gaspadarek



all rights reserved


tristen Nashville, Tennessee

ghetto kitty beast queen technical baby

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Track Name: the crime
break in through the window sill
she never turns the lock
after she has smoked her cigarette

standing in the bedroom dark
your shadow hit the floor
find the dresser and open the second drawer

everyone is yelling up into the deadened air
everyone is asking for a monumental fight

we're gonna be oh so quiet
they won't even hear us til were gone

take whatever you can find
there's sure to be a spill
of precious things you know your looks could kill

and as you exit carefully
you know not what you do
you haven't seen the outside of yourself
Track Name: salty tears
i got a glass of water just so you know just how quickly concrete feet can move
i wouldn't wash your feet with salty tears salty tears
i've got a straight shot arrow for quick feet shoes
and my impeccable timing tip toe twos
and as i run my fingers through his hair i don't care i don't care

i guess that's just the marking of the tide
sailing ships are bound to lose direction
i guess that's just the rise and fall
out of motion with me

i've got your testimony and stacks of proof
to show the court room jury how to choose
and then the judge declares that love is fair love is fair
Track Name: a preacher is preaching
just a drill i can feel
friction wears the soles off heels
after now i should know
just how slow eroding goes

if i am building up a bridge just to rely rely rely
keep your girders firmly in the dirt
it's okay to crack a crumble to restore your storyline
you were only waiting to be free

we can learn how to keep
pang pang love can run so deep
after now i should know
oceans deep that sting can go

when the truth is on the table can't deny deny deny
there is someone else you'd rather be
sure that as you face the music you don't cry don't cry don't cry
you are going where you're supposed to go

keep your heart in the deep
keep your eyes in the wide

just a scene i have seen
ladies go where they will be
as for now i should know
movers shakers make the snow

when the truth is on the table can't deny deny deny
when it's time to pay the piper don't be shy so shy so shy place it in his hand so lovingly
Track Name: easy out
i just want an easy out
you just want the easy out
with your tiger fear, i could be revered
if you let me

i just want an easy fix
i just want to mend
buy the seams are far too weak to take the pressure
so i underspeak

if you want to i will let you break the twig
if you want to i will let you break the stick

i just want to love again
i just want some peace
does it tear you open every time you let it grow inside?

if you want to i will let you drain the tub
if you want to l will let you drain the tub

cause it was filling up so fast a beautiful disaster flood.
Track Name: the world is on fire
i should eat the pictures in my city magazine
while i read the paper out of curiosity
i could shoot a big man's gun and make a lot of change
pay a bunch money for a forceful exchange

red's my favorite color and the world's on fire
red's my favorite color and the world's on fire

i'm scared of all the stick men and their faithful pedigree
they will crush the spiders even if their blood is sweet
are your arms just gathering the wicked from the witches
and their spell is strong just to belong we take and we give in

we don't feel for you
we can't afford to
we're waging war
Track Name: stickerquitter
it's not that i'm not in love with you
i just know when to fold
if you would be so kind to leave your love behind
we're happy here

a race to the buzzer
discover another way to forgive
cause when the guards go home and treasures are alone
we are so rich

you kicked the dame at the door

an hour ago the devil was kissing me on my mouth
Track Name: inaction
business rules where human tools reside
chase the piece of dangling dream provided
work to death to lose your sense of direction
while the men the rest on top
use us as a prop
for as long as we will let them set the course

what we gonna do about all of this inaction?
how we gonna save ourselves if we don't change our minds?

tired bones watch electable clones chase celebrity
with stacks of cash that bought their shot at fame
human doom is looming and it's impending

we don't feel for you
we can't afford to
we're waging war

spend my life just watching time and chasing cattle
time has come to rise hum rise for this battle
truth is hard to find inside of the land of bullshit propoganda
Track Name: loveable
you caught me staring in a crowded room
i'm not comparing there is only you
spotlight and everything i'm such a fool to you
spotlight and everything i'm such a fool for you

train wreck delivered to you upon request
i'll be forever wading in a mess
spotlight and everything i'm such a fool to you
spotlight and everything i'm just a fool for you

you didn't know that i was broke
i didn't show how much it took
but you love me evenly
and you make me strong

if i'm too sweet nice mean to you
i'm just trying to be loveable

you are better to me cause i know that you hurt
your guts are exposed and you can be sure
i will love you evenly
i can make you strong

trash city treasure just a drop among the dew
i'm always looking for the subtle clues
spotlight and everything i'm such a fool to you
spotlight and everything i'm such a fool for you

the best are the real scars we show hide
it's when we are down that we learn to climb
let's grow up to love our love
this will make us strong